Technical Certificate of Credit

All of the courses in the Advanced CAD Technician TCC are embedded in the Drafting Technology diploma and degree programs. The Advanced CAD Technician TCC endows students with the prospect to continue on the career pathway toward advancement in the drafting profession. Additionally, the program provides opportunities to upgrade present knowledge and skills or to retrain in drafting practices and software.

Technical Certificate of Credit
Program Length 31 Credit Hours
Education Requirements High School graduate or GED recipient; Minimum Age: 16
Entrance Dates Every Semester
Offered Macon Campus and Online


Credit Hours

DFTG 1101 CAD Fundamentals 4
DFTG 1103 Multiview/Basic Dimensioning 4
XXXX xxxx Guided Elective (any Trade, Tech, BUSN, CIST, IDSY, MGMT) 3
Complete One of the following Specializations  
Mechanical Drafting Specialization (8MD1) 20
DFTG 1105 3D Mechanical Modeling 4
DFTG 1107 Advanced Dimensioning/Sectional Views 4
DFTG 1109 Auxiliary Views/Surface Development 4
DFTG 1111 Fasteners 4
DFTG 1113 Assembly Drawings 4
Architectural Drafting Specialization (8AD1) 20
DFTG 1125 Architectural Fundamentals 4
DFTG 1127 Architectural 3D Modeling 4
DFTG 1129 Residential Drawing I 4
DFTG 1131 Residential Drawing II 4
DFTG 1133 Commercial Drawing I 4
Total Hours