Technical Certificate of Credit

This Technical Certificate of Credit is designed for a cooperative agreement between technical colleges and four-year colleges/universities in the area. These students have been identified as capable of performing academically at the college level and some are disengaged at the high school and are at risk of dropping out.

Technical Certificate of Credit
Program Length 19 Credit Hours
Offered Dual Enrollment/MOWR Only

Minimum placement test scores for this program can be found in the College Assessment Requirement section of the catalog.


Credit Hours

Area I - Language Arts/Communication  
ENGL 1101 Composition and Rhetoric 3
Area II - Social/Behavioral Sciences  
PSYC 1101 Introductory Psychology 3
Area III - Natural Sciences/Mathematics  
Select one of the three MATH courses:  
MATH 1101 Mathematical Modeling 3
MATH 1103 Quantitative Skills and Reasoning 3
MATH 1111 College Algebra 3
Select one science course and corresponding lab (4 hours)  
BIOL 1111 Biology I 3
BIOL 1111L Biology Lab I 1
CHEM 1211 Chemistry I 3
CHEM 1211L Chemistry I Lab 1
PHYS 1111 Introductory Physics 3
PHYS 111L Introductory Physics Lab 1
Area IV - Humanities/Fine Arts  
XXXX xxxx Humanities/Fine Arts Elective
XXXX xxxx Elective
Total Hours