Mechanical Engineering

Prerequisite: Program Admission
Co-Requisites: ENGT 1000
This course introduces industrial manufacturing processes that employ processes for material shaping, joining, machining and assembly to the student. Topics include: casting, shaping and molding of metals, ceramics and polymers; particulate processing of metals and ceramics, metal forming, machining, sheet metal working, joining and assembling, surface treatment, and manufacturing design considerations. Emphasis is provided on raw materials, quality, and costs of finished products. The course includes lab exercises that demonstrate the applications of the topics covered in actual manufacturing processes.

Prerequisite: Program Admission
Co-Requisites: MEGT 1010
An introduction to machining and welding technology. This course will include emphasis of use and operation of selected machinery, various machining operations, selected welding processes and precision measuring instruments to be combined with laboratory projects and safety. Topics will include industrial safety and health practices; welding quality; use of cutting and grinding tools; introduction to welding terms and symbols; shielded metal arc welding (SMAW); gas metal arc welding (GMAW); gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW); basic machining operations; and precision measuring instruments.